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The Tech Behind The Success

How It Works

Quantum Bio Growth Solutions uses Signal of Special Form (SSF) technology to improve agricultural productivity by implementing the principles of quantum entanglement. We have learned how to organize a quantum network (Internet of quantum states) between our quantum engineering complex and a plant. The method used to control quantum states enhances the activity of biochemical parameters, enzyme systems and plant metabolism.


We use a quantum engineering suite, special software and individually prepared and shaped quantum states in the form of SSF vibrational broadband control signals, to provide a long-term stimulus to the biological processes of the plant. 

By harnessing the power of quantum entanglement, we can now influence and control these processes remotely in a safe and efficient manner.


We begin by preparing the required Quantum State (SSF) that reflects the target characteristics of the plant and fine-tuning our delivery system using a quantum engineering suite. Then, with the help of our unique software, using the principles of quantum entanglement, we broadcast the desired characteristics to the plant, remotely synchronizing and maximizing its properties and potentiality with SSF.

SSF is a bulk-ensemble quantum

Quantum physics and Signal of Special Form tech sound abstract to most

But, so did the Internet, cryptocurrencies, or even the combustion
engines in our cars. 

About us

Quantum Bio Growth Solutions is a team of leading quantum physicists and experienced businessmen who have seen just how big of impact agriculture can have on creating a better world.


For decades, we were witnessing the chemical agricultural “solutions” doing more damage than good. Then, the progress in other industries and technologies has finally allowed us to bring our vision to life.


As a result, we developed a highly efficient, yet 100% Earth-friendly solution for different key problems related to agriculture. A solution that can revolutionize the way people produce food. Our mission is to continue developing our technology, broadening its application possibilities, and using it to the advantage of all of us.

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