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Together, let's revolutionize agriculture worldwide !

Our Signal of Special Form (SSF) technology is a breakthrough method of increasing agricultural productivity, using the most advanced capabilities of quantum technologies, AI, state-of-the-art computing and satellite imaging to remotely enhance the properties of the plants. 

Our technology can help you !

- achieve accelerated and higher yields

(as high as 50%) in a completely safe and easy-to-implement way

- reduce water, fertilizer, and insecticide consumption - regardless of the terrain and climate conditions.

- offset your business’ carbon footprint 

- help with soil regeneration and reforestation 

- appeal to the consumers of the 21st century

We have conducted dozens of successful tests on a wide variety of crops all over the world.


What it is

We developed a highly efficient, and 100% Earth-friendly solution for different key problems related to agriculture. A solution that can revolutionize the way people produce food. 

How it Works

We use Signal of Special Form (SSF) technology to increase agricultural productivity by carrying out the principles of quantum entanglement to provide long-term stimulus to the biological processes of the plant. We can now affect and control these processes remotely, in a safe and effective manner. 

Who We Are

We are a team of leading quantum physicists and experienced businessmen who have seen just how big an impact agriculture can have on creating a better world.

Good for Businesses, People and the Planet

Our breakthrough agricultural solution helps companies boost their profits by increasing their yields and saving their resources.


It also provides a unique opportunity to use agriculture to create a better tomorrow. By significantly reducing the insecticide and pesticide usage, we can start healing the ecosystems we have hurt. We can use less water to irrigate the crops and give this crucial resource back to the surrounding nature and wildlife. We can speed up the processes of soil regeneration, reforestation, and carbon sequestration globally. With higher yields of essential crops, we can fight hunger more effectively than ever before.


Through better farming incomes, we can increase the average income of the underdeveloped regions and produce new opportunities for the people living there.


Accelerate Reforestation


Pesticide use 


Better Farming

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


To ensure not only the efficacy of our solution but also its safety throughout all stages of growth, we have conducted tests on various crops across the globe and more tests are being prepared.

We have successfully applied our solution on:

wheat, barley, beetroot,

sunflower, rice, corn, oat, sorghum, olive trees, lettuce, beans,

cotton, coffee, linen, and lime


For each test, we have established the test and control fields, roughly equal in area and growth conditions. We have utilized third-party experts to audit the results, measuring overall weight, moisture, protein and/or carbohydrate content.

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